Chapter 1:

How to Generate Ideas

Chapter 2:

How to process Ideas

Chapter 3:

How to tell a story

Chapter 4:

How to draw feelings

Chapter 5:

Starting your journey

How to tell a Story

Storytelling is for everyone. Learn how to pour your thoughts into words and share it with the world.

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Who is this for?

For Artists

Illustrators, comic strip artists, napkin sketchers, painters or any other artists who seek to include narratives in their artwork.

The inclusion of storytelling enriches and elevates the artistic experience and the significance of the artwork.

For professionals

Individuals in various professions who aim to improve their delivery in presenting their work, negotiating, and collaborating.

Storytelling fills the gap between different perspectives and establishes mutual understanding.

For everyone

Anyone with personal stories to share. Each of us possesses unique life stories and experiences.

You, too, can express and share your own stories. You'll be surprised to see how your stories might change people's lives.

What will you get?

In this course, you will learn how to generate limitless ideas, choose which idea to work on, expand your idea, and finally tell your stories in the form of a comic strip.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to use your storytelling skills to craft your own stories and share it with the world.

Not convinced?

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Course Introduction

Being able to tell stories helped me understand that people - human - despite all the differences, are actually more similar than different to each other.

At the core, we're all trying to figure things out.

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Chapter 1:
Generating Ideas

"How do you have so many ideas? How did you come up with all these?"

These are the most common question I receive. However, I don't have a lot of ideas in my head. But I have a secret...

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What people say

Since 2021, The Tiny Wisdom has gained over 150k followers across Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Here’s what friends from all over the world say about us:



Stumbling upon TTW content during high school, I have always followed it around since then. It has become one of the best comforting cure to my ‘going-to’ adulthood worries.

The way Brian captured his feelings and convey those through thoughtful words and simple comic strips made reading very enjoyable and heartfelt, I can’t emphasized more on how several contents he made have perfectly represented my feelings and made me feel as if I am not alone in navigating these complex adulting phase. Thanks Brian! Love your work!! 🥹🫶



I found your page when I was randomly scrolling my Instagram. The very first post I read is called “In the Moment”.

I felt touched and inspired after I read it. After that, I started looking for more posts in your page and I decided to follow it for more! I literally read every stories and feeds that you posted in your page and it never disappoints me.

I always feel inspired by your words and it always provided me with different points of views. I like your page so much and please never stop to update it! xoxo



I’m never good with words but your posts keep me sane throughout the tough moments in my life that I encountered. It’s always more than great and soothing to know that someone else struggles with the same thing as I do, just to remind myself how I’m never alone.

Thank you for creating such an amazing platform for many people!



The tiny wisdom feels like my safe little space on the internet. By reading these little stories, I often realise feelings that I didn't know I have - Even though some things make me sad, I always feel better because I feel so understood and seen in a way.

Whenever I feel stuck, or lonely, or like I'm lost and don't know where to go, the tiny wisdom not only comforts me, but puts my mind at ease. I get the feeling that I've got this and I will figure things out if only I am patient, stay true to myself and do things I love. So thank you for reminding me! It really makes a difference ❤️


United States

Such compelling learnings displayed in a way that tugs on my heartstrings. My favourite post was “The Art of Leaving” which was posted at a time when I was trying to reconcile why family and close friends are sometimes best loved from a distance.

It helped me find closure about growing up and growing away from the people who weren’t willing to get to know me as I changed.

Aaing Vaibhav


I love it. I followed because the topics were very relatable. I really loved the success strip and my recent favourite is the one which talks about how a few words can encourage you. Really love the content.

As a person who has never had any talents and was struggling to find out my life’s purpose. I found this page, it helped me to know that my friends success does not define my success as long as I am ok with what I have.



As someone who enjoys writing myself, I know how challenging it can be to convey our thoughts and feelings effectively to our readers. However, TTW does an amazing job of drawing us into the stories, making us feel as though we are the characters experiencing the situations first hand.

The best part of following this account is that it reminds me that I am not alone in facing these problems. Through these stories, I am comforted by the fact that others are going through the same things I am. Thank you for creating such relatable and comforting content! ✨📝



The Tiny Wisdom really tide me through tough times with the warm and meaningful messages it gave through the comics. The messages shared through this platform will have me reflecting and at the same time allay my negative emotions.

Very appreciative of the tiny wisdom for bringing some positivity and warmth in our daily life.



In one word: great! Your content is easy to comprehend, making it tangible to everyone.

The topics are relatable to almost everyone. Although not immediately apparent to your followers, there are many hidden thoughts and ideas behind your work, and I understand the amount of time and energy you put into it with love.

In any case, I am a big big biiiig fan of yours and am delighted to have met you here. Thank you for creating such artistic and professional content. Keep it up 💛

Everyone has stories to tell

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